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Treat your loved ones to the perfect gift of peace and relaxation. You can choose to pay with credit/debit card, direct bank transfer or cash. If you choose credit/debit card at time of voucher creation you must choose the PayPal option (you don’t need a PayPal account but you must choose PayPal if you want to pay with card), or select Per Invoice and transfer directly into our bank or arrange to visit us and pay with cash. Please note that your voucher only becomes active once payment is complete. For bank transfer contact us for details:

Choose your gift and the exchange amount from the list and then follow the prompts to create your voucher below, we highly recommend a minimum 90 minute session for a full body massage. You can choose to email the voucher directly to the recipient or email it to yourself to print out and place in a card of your choice. We do also have beautiful gift cards in our massage studio, if you’d like one of those you’ll need to contact us on 0415 363 372 or email info@conscioustouchcollective.earth and arrange a visit:

All Massages (exc. Hot Stones)Exchange $Massages with Hot StonesExchange $
30 Minutes$65n/an/a
45 Minutes$85n/an/a
60 Minutes$11560 Minutes$135
90 Minutes$15090 Minutes$170
2 Hours$2002 Hours$220
2.5 Hours$2502.5 Hours$270
3 Hours$3003 Hours$320
Couples Massages (exc. Hot Stones)Exchange $Couples Massages with Hot StonesExchange $
30 Minutes Each$130n/an/a
45 Minutes Each$170n/an/a
60 Minutes Each$23060 Minutes Each$270
90 Minutes Each$30090 Minutes Each$340
2 Hours Each$4002 Hours Each$440
2.5 Hours Each$5002.5 Hours Each$540
3 Hours Each$6003 Hours Each$640

Or consider treating your loved one to a massage training course. A cunning move to get lots of free massages as you’ll be their number one practice body:

LevelExchange $
Hearworks Lomi Lomi Level One – Beginner$975
Heartworks Lomi Lomi Level Two – Advanced$1180

Give our online voucher creation process a go but don’t hesitate to call or email us if you need a hand with this process: